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Every endeavor I embarked upon became an opportunity to explore the depths of my being and embrace the sheer joy of creation. I found delight in each moment of inspiration, fueled by the understanding...

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Safebox Technology and solutions LLP


Designated Partner

Safebox is a technology company that combines big data processing and advanced AI tools to provide unparalleled verification and security for physical premises. Our cutting-edge technology not only ensures the safety of citizens but also creates digital footprints for enhanced traceability. With state-of-the-art technology, Safebox is at the forefront of revolutionizing the internal security sector, providing peace of mind for all. We design our services around your needs by understanding the situation and its needs in detail. We then build customized solutions with our proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques to deliver high quality results with minimal effort.

IVY nest apartments


Founder | CEO

With the influx of people moving to different cities for various reasons, finding a place to live is a huge hassle for new arrivals. Moving youths often face difficulties and judgements when relocating. The newcomers, already overwhelmed with a completely new place to be in do not even get peace at home. With the mindset of solving this very problem Ivy Nest Apartments started the journey to ensure that they get a place where they feel at home though far away from home. Students and working professionals today are living a life of dynamicity, wanting to live like nomads where they can explore and experience as much as they can. The never ending and ever growing curiosity of knowing the world is the energy booster for their minds and activities Ivy Nest encourages that very zeal and creates the perfect surrounding for the nomadic culture and living in the moment mindset. To streamline a confused set up of stay, one needs to understand the demands of the 21st century homecomers, where they get freedom of being themselves, being with someone they wish to be with, in or out of wedlock. Where freedom will definitely come with responsibilities and but not the unnecessary hassles and responsibilities of basic living amenities , with our one

Tamim Construction and Estate Management



Tamim Construction and Estate Management is the new standard for real estate. We are redefining how you can build a property that will last generations, and we've got the best tools to help make it happen. We offer land acquisition, land investment, mortgage assistance, whole-selling , and exceptional estate management services. With a passion for innovation and sustainability, we create visually stunning properties that stand the test of time.